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TSMG s/n 167
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Some literature.


Picture with all but one Golden era handbook 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1921/28/27 (without address or date), MISSING 4th edition with address and date (that is in storage), 1936 edition, PLUS French April 1921 1st edition (sewn binding just like 1st edition English), French 1928, and Swedish 1928. Will update a photo later with the missing handbook.


Original winding card and underneath Company brochure and 2 X "instructions for use.


Letter "To those using Thompson guns" dated April 1927 and then evelopes for Instructions for use noted above

French 1921 Handbook


Manuel du Submachine Gun Thompson, Modele 1921; French Ed Handbook 1921; pg 175 Notes in Auto Ordnance 2nd edition, incorrectly described as Spanish; sewn binding; copyrighted April 1921, The Ullman Press Inc., 17 Vandewater Street, NY; 58 pages; 302 Broadway New York, NY

1936 Original Catalog
For those with Hill's book there are pictures but only B&W so thought I would share a color snap of my set so everyone could see the variations.

You can clearly see how I judge an original copy by looking at the trigger on the lower TSMG for each of them, the trigger touches a bullseye ring then the upper TSMG muzzle just touches another bullseye ring and the trigger does not.
Other reprints have a couple variations but will not look exactly the same in this regard.

Top and bottom are a green and dark blue, the middle one is tan and black. Not exactly how they were described in Hill's book but I have heard of plenty of errors in there. IIRC Hill's book says the bottom one would be blue and "TAN" as you can see that is not the case. Also Hill's book shows an unusual variation on one of the catalogs pictured in terms of position of the triggers and bullseye, which makes me think they are showing a repro but what do I know?!
The top two have the same Nassau street address and the lower one has the Pine street address.
Bottom one has an insert from Federal Laboratories.

I have seen blue green versions that were faded enough to look almost exactly like the middle tan one, but open it up and the it was obvious enough what it was.

American Rifleman December 1934
with Thompson article.  Ironically published in the same year that our current NFA law passed with assistance by the NRA.
Cover - click AMR link for more



1926 Anti civil ownership of Thompson machineguns article and editorial


1928 Price List - click 1928 link for more




1923 Price List - click 1923 link for more